We care about practical and useful information.

With the world being so full of noise, it's harder than ever to be able to cut through the mess and really see the information that is trustworthy, useful, and accurate. At Micro University our goal is simple, to seek out and find the best authors, with amazing useful, and practical information, and then take that information and package it in a way that is simple and easy to access and learn, and then offer that information at a value that is far greater than the fees we charge.

To that end we are always looking to work with the experts in many fields to create amazing micro courses. We're also working with top authors to write short posts, interviews, and video tips, all with the singular focus of offering amazing content for our students!

To that end, if you see something here you like, SHARE it, if you don't see something here you wish WAS here, please contact us and let us know, and if your an expert in a field you think we need to cover, please reach out an let us know!


~The Micro University Team